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Dedicated To Serve You

Being a client of SMP you can expect to be able to not only call and email, but also text your account rep, anytime.

Being responsive and lighting fast to reply & follow up is a core value at SMP. You can expect to brainstorm and strategize about formulas, bottle counts, smart product upsells, etc. They also have years of experience marketing with campaigns such as Amazon, Shopify, Facebook, and free trials; which they happily assist with. The expert team at SMP is dedicated to ensuring the best possible route for each client’s ultimate long-term success.

Turn-Key Partner

Vitamin businesses are very tricky to operate logistically. SMP offers an array of services, allowing vitamin brands to be completely turn-key for operating.

Offering all services needed for operating a vitamin brand: formulating, sourcing, quality control, manufacturing, packaging, label design, label compliance, label printing, flavor development, quality assurance, storage, shipping and order fulfillment. Supplement Manufacturing Partners is the expert partner in operating and supplying a nutraceutical brand.

Capabilities To Scale

SMP has access to $12,000,000 of nutraceutical raw materials including powders, extracts, gummies, capsules, tablets, softgels, liquid capsules, liquids etc.

Access to 500,000 square feet of manufacturing space, encapsulation machines, powder blenders, tablet presses, coating machines, automated powder fillers, automated packaging lines, hplc testing, hptlc testing, icpms testing, micro labs etc. SMP has capabilities to manufacture any type of supplement.